Bhapa Ilish-Hilsa Fish Classic Bengali recipe

Steamed Ilish-Hilsa Fish in spicy Mustard curry - Free printable Recipe and Video

Mom Das

Today I have the Traditional Classic recipe of the very delicicous and popular Fish dish known as Bhapa Ilish or Hilsa in mustard gravy. This is a very simple recipe, quick to cook and outstandingly delicious. This recipe is out of the World from Recipes Around the World. This special dish is delicacy of West Bengal, India. A much loved Bengali recipe. The recipe uses Ilish or Hilsa fish which has a very special taste, but if you do not find Hilsa or Ilish fish, do…

Tasty Healthy cooking with Kids

Tasty Nutritious Cooking with kids/Microwave cooking/Breakfast/Mini Meal

Mom Das

A healthy nutrients packed tasty meal is a must for all. What better is if it can be cooked in minutes. Watch Adhrit and Aarotrika cook up two tasty and nutritious recipes in less than 7 minutes. These recipes are so easy even kids can make them. Do feel free to download the recipes.