Easy Sew-Handmade Gifts - Kitchen Apron, Kitchen Towel and Cocktail Napkins

Great DIY and Sew Project to create Handmade Gifts for HER or Hostess - Kitchen Apron, Tea Towel and Cocktail Napkins

Mom Das

Welcome to first edition of “Useful DIY Challenge January 2019” which I am co-hosting with Bum Bea DIYs from YouTube. Today am doing a DIY or sew along project where I shall sew a Kitchen Apron, a Kitchen Towel or Tea Towel and a set of six Cocktail Napkins. These are meant to be a gift for a dear friend of mine. These can be great DIYs for Home or Hostess. These Handmade items are very elegant and very useful.

Me Made May 2018, SEW #4 Refashion Tutorial Men's shirt to Stylish Shirt Dress

Refashion Video Tutorial Men's shirt to Stylish Shirt Dress

Mom Das

Today is the last day of May 2018. My today’s post is my 14th creation for Me Made May 2018. Today I have a REFASHION, where I transformed my Hubby’s full sleeves shirt into my Stylish Shirt Dress. Refashions are very much a favourite topic with all. You have really responded very enthusiastically to my last refashion post on Refashion Tutorial Men's shirt to Stylish Top . Thank you so much for your encouragement.