Quick & Easy Sew Scarf, Sew Your Stash

A quick and very easy project using a small soft fabric.

Mom Das

Do you keep stash of fabrics? I do. Let’s dig them out and make a project every month. Let’s make pretty sew items. I have easy tutorials and some ‘draft your own patterns’ and printables for upcoming sew projects.

Easy Sew-Handmade Gifts - Kitchen Apron, Kitchen Towel and Cocktail Napkins

Great DIY and Sew Project to create Handmade Gifts for HER or Hostess - Kitchen Apron, Tea Towel and Cocktail Napkins

Mom Das

Welcome to first edition of “Useful DIY Challenge January 2019” which I am co-hosting with Bum Bea DIYs from YouTube. Today am doing a DIY or sew along project where I shall sew a Kitchen Apron, a Kitchen Towel or Tea Towel and a set of six Cocktail Napkins. These are meant to be a gift for a dear friend of mine. These can be great DIYs for Home or Hostess. These Handmade items are very elegant and very useful.